The famous company of Saudi Arabia,
Shirkah Al-Rashid Company,
needs a lot of labor.
(Plumber Job)
The salary is one thousand dirhams plus two hundred dirhams
and time will be given.
There is a vacancy of
(steel fixer Job)
in which 1000 dirhams basic will be given while 200 dirhams and time will be given.
vacancy is for
which will be paid 1000 dirhams basic and 200 dirhams plus time, and
held on 27 January 2023,
The duty time is 10 hours plus medical transport and as much as There are also basic facilities that will be given according to the labor law.
The contract of the company will be for three years.
Bring your documents to Sharif today. The last date is 24 January 2023.


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